PSLF-qualified Employer Survey

Today, we’d like to share the results of two surveys we conducted regarding Public Service Loan Forgiveness. The question we asked employers was simple:

On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with PSLF? (well, we wrote out all the words):

1) Our first outreach was to over 300 non-profit 501c3 HR offices. All of these employers were PSLF-qualified.
Average score: 3.5

2) Additionally, we polled roughly 100 physician recruiters on a recent webinar and asked the same question. Of these recruiters, 85% were PSLF-qualified, 10% didn’t know, and 5% were for-profit.
Average score: 4.4

These results are promising; if we asked the same question just 3 years ago, the average would’ve been decidedly lower. But these results ultimately speak to the gulf still to be traversed with respect to qualified employers maximizing PSLF as a recruiting and retention tool.

PSLFjobs is committed to becoming the go-to resource to make all qualified employers a 10. Schedule a diagnostic with us to learn more.

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Jason DiLorenzo is the Director and Founder of PSLFjobs, and the Founder of Doctors Without Quarters (DWOQ), a national student loan advisory and advocate for physicians who has managed over $2 billion in federal loan debt.

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