Sep 11, 2020

CATCH Field Medical Doctor, Bureau of School Health/SH Reproductive Health

  • NYPD
  • New York, NY, USA

Job Description

Job Description The Division of Family and Child Health (DFCH) of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is charged with the creation and oversight of programs, policies, services, and environments that support physical and socio-emotional health, and promote primary and reproductive health services, health equity, social justice, safety and well-being for New York City families and children. The Division is comprised of the Bureau of Maternal Infant and Reproductive Health, the Bureau of Early Intervention, the Office of School Health, and the Bureau of Administration. The vision of the DFCH is that every child, woman, and family recognize their power and is given the opportunity to reach their full health and development potential. We encourage qualified applicants with demonstrated commitment to social justice, particularly racial, gender, and LGBTQ equity to apply.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

--Ensure an adequate supply of medications by calling in medication refills for students that do not have access to a primary care provider.

--Connect families to available outpatient medical services and other resources, to ensure that well child examinations, immunizations, and school form completion take place in preparation for the new school year.

--Provide virtual clinical support and health education to families.

--Promote good control practices in order to mitigate health risk.

--Provide free and confidential limited reproductive health services to high school students throughout NYC, in accordance with the New York State guideline designating sexual and reproductive health services as essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

--These services now occur via telephone encounters and prescribing birth control, emergency contraception, and condoms to provide on-call medical support to the Regional Education Centers (RECs), the schools that are managing the children of essential workers who do not have sufficient childcare support.

--Review accommodations requests for students with special needs, to ensure that the appropriate supports and services are in place when school resumes.

--Staff the Clinical Operations Support Call Center: utilizing their clinical expertise to triage clinical questions and provide immediate and updated guidance to medical providers who are on the front lines.

--As part of the Medical Epidemiology Infection Control Specialist Team, provide assistance and infection control guidance to outbreak investigation teams concerning COVID-19 in nursing homes, adult care facilities, and other congregate settings. Minimum Qual Requirements Possession of a valid license to practice medicine in the State of New York; and either:
a) Valid Board Certification issued by the appropriate American Specialty Board in any specialty area required by the agency; or
b) Current approved application on file for admission to the certifying examination given by the appropriate American Specialty Board in any specialty area required by the agency.
To be assigned to Assignment Level II, individuals must have, in addition to meeting the minimum qualification requirements for Assignment Level I described above, one year of satisfactory experience practicing in the specialty area.
To be assigned to Assignment Level III, individuals must possess:
a) A valid license to practice medicine in the State of New York; and
b) A Master's degree in Public Health, or equivalent Master's degree, including or supplemented by graduate credits in epidemiology and biostatistics. Completion of Epidemic Intelligence Service program of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to substitute for this Master's degree; and
c) At least two years of satisfactory experience after receipt of the Master's degree, or equivalent, in the practice of epidemiology. Specialty Board Certification or eligibility may be substituted for one year of this experience.
To be assigned to Assignment Level IV, individuals must possess:
a) A valid license to practice medicine in the State of New York; and
b) Completion of an approved residency program in an accredited hospital, including three years of experience, in either internal medicine, or family practice, or pediatrics, or another related specialty area required by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; and
c) Valid board certification or board eligibility issued by the appropriate American Subspecialty Board in Infectious Disease, Pulmonary Medicine, or a related subspecialty; and
d) Completion of an approved fellowship program in an accredited hospital, including two years of experience, in either infectious diseases, or pulmonary medicine, or another related subspecialty required by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Additional Information **IMPORTANT NOTES TO ALL CANDIDATES:

Please note: If you are called for an interview you will be required to bring to your interview copies of original documentation, such as:
• A document that establishes identity for employment eligibility, such as: A Valid Passport, Permanent Resident Card/Green Card, or Driver’s license.

• Proof of Education according to the education requirements of the civil service title.

• Current Resume

• Proof of Address/NYC Residency dated within the last 60 days, such as: Recent Utility Bill Telephone, Cable, Mobile Phone)

Additional documentation may be required to evaluate your qualification as outlined in this posting’s “Minimum Qualification Requirements” section. Examples of additional documentation may be, but not limited to: college transcript, experience verification or professional trade licenses.

If after your interview you are the selected candidate you will be contacted to schedule an on-boarding appointment. By the time of this appointment you will be asked to produce the originals of the above documents along with your original Social Security card.


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