is the only jobs platform and resource dedicated to student loan borrowers and qualified employers who can recruit and retain talent through student loan forgiveness. For over 10 years, the responsibility of PSLF navigation has fallen squarely on borrowers, who are misled regularly by negligent loan servicers and an opportunistic private lending marketplace. The mission of PSLFjobs is to support qualified employers in proactively driving the PSLF process for its employees and recruits, and to provide a jobs marketplace exclusively for qualified employers and student loan borrowers.



PSLFjobs.com was founded to help non-profit and Public Service employers recruit and retain talent by maximizing federal loan forgiveness available through the PSLF program.

On the other side of this equation, we work with federal student loan borrowers to help them identify their PSLF savings opportunity and then help them secure qualified employment.

Our jobs platform is just the beginning; we don’t merely enable graduates with student loan debt to peruse a national database of PSLF-qualified jobs and apply for them. PSLFjobs.com provides resources and consulting services to non-profit employers, and offers web-based analytics that calculate the benefit available when PSLF is leveraged to maximize savings. We highlight the “PSLF Salary” available in a qualified role when loan forgiveness is contemplated.


Jason DiLorenzo

Founder & Chairman

Jason is the Founder of PSLFjobs, and the Founder of Doctors Without Quarters (DWOQ), a national student loan advisory and advocate for physicians who has managed over $2 billion in federal loan debt positioned for PSLF. Over his DWOQ tenure, Jason recognized the need for a PSLF-only jobs platform for ALL graduates with high loan balances who have the opportunity to be debt free in 10 years by serving in a rewarding job.

Since 2010, Jason has served as an expert lecturer and panelist for schools, hospitals and partners nationally on the increasingly complex and evolving topic of student loan debt best practices and federal loan legislation.

Jason graduated from Stetson University, and when he’s not advocating for student loan borrowers, you’ll likely find him outdoors on a hike or his mountain bike. If he comes to your town, beware… his ping-pong game is also on point.

Alok Garg

Chief Technology Officer

Funny story: Alok sat next to Jason on a flight to San Francisco back in 2016, and after observing Jason making cumbersome changes to an Excel spreadsheet, he chimed in and offered some guidance… and the rest is history.

Alok is a senior level business executive and IT expert with fifteen years of success in multiple verticals. He’s been responsible for pushing industry standards through business and technology solutions, and has extensive experience in implementing and building custom products and platforms which align enterprise clients for future growth. He’s served as a leader in design, development, implementation and maintenance life cycle plans (SDLC) for custom and COTS products through collaboration with key stakeholders, and focuses on developing human capital to identify hidden opportunities for revenue growth and product improvement.

Alok transforms individuals and groups into dedicated teams focused on achieving individual and organizational goals… sometimes one airline seat at at time.

Nick Watts

Director of Client Success

Nick Watts got his start in the jobs space with an outdoor and adventure travel job board. He quickly grew and nurtured a client list and became proficient in developing and managing client relationships, and ensuring client successes.

After paying off his debt from Florida State University, Nick took full advantage of his student debt-free life,  traveling the world and living throughout the South Pacific for several years. He brings to PSLFjobs an innate ability to connect with both borrowers and employers, and a passion for Public Service. When Nick isn’t working to solve the student debt crisis (which isn’t very often), you’ll find him on a surfboard or adventuring in his self-built Sprinter van, “Dora”.

David Johnson


David Johnson, founder and managing partner of Abraxas Group, has a 20-year track record of driving organizational change.  In an advisory capacity, David has served as an interim executive or financial advisor to dozens of middle market companies in transition.

Throughout his career, David has demonstrated a commitment to thought leadership, with numerous speaking engagements and articles on the topics of business transformation, change management, interim leadership, restructuring, turnaround, and value creation to his credit.  David received his MBA from the University of Chicago and completed his undergraduate studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Heather Jarvis


Heather Jarvis is an attorney and a nationally recognized expert specializing in student loan law.  She has provided award-winning student loan education and consultation for universities, associations and professional advisors and is sought after for her sophisticated knowledge and accessible teaching style.

Widely recognized as an expert source of information, Heather has advised congressional committee members and administrative officials on issues affecting student loan borrowers since 2005.  Heather graduated cum laude from Duke University School of Law in 1998.

Todd Balsley


Todd Balsley is a serial entrepreneur with almost a decade of experience advocating student loan borrowers. He was a member of the founding team of one of the first student debt advisory services for graduate borrowers in the US, where he was wise enough to bring PSLFjobs Founder Jason on board his team (ok maybe Jason wrote this part…).

Today, Todd serves as Co-founder and President of a specialty leasing and logistics company that serves the craft beverage market in the Southeast. While beer consumes much of his professional time, his passion for student loan advocacy remains strong and ultimately inspired him to join the PSLFjobs Advisory Board.

Todd holds a B.A. from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, and lives in Atlanta GA with his wife and two daughters.

Contact Us


Please contact jason@pslfjobs.com with questions, or to learn more about the unique opportunity PSLF offers in the form of a federal subsidy to your compensation package as a qualified employer.

PSLFjobs is the DBA for BenElevate, LLC, a Public Service employer benefit consultant.